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Documentary Short

In this documentary film, the turmoils of life in a God-fearing Romanian village are told through a queer filmmaker visiting from abroad, a young single parent wishing to break free from the gender imposed upon him, and the romantic relationship between the two.

Role: Director, co-producer, co-editor.

Co-production: Cristina Popa
Edit: Cristina Popa
Sound design: Joachim Westra
Color grading: Erik Demeris, Filmmore

Created with the support of Chassé Cinema and St. Joost School of Art and Design.

Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam
Shortcutz Amsterdam
Vers Film Festival, Amsterdam (Winner Best Film)
Queer Cinema Night, LantarenVenster, Rotterdam
Poortgebouw, Rotterdam

Arty Party, Melkweg, Amsterdam
Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht (Winner VPRO documentary price)
St. Joost Graduate Film Premieres, Chassé Cinema, Breda

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