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Take Action

The state of lake Atitlán (like so many other important parts of our natural landscape) is subject to human actions. And although the lake and her fellow natural treasures will adapt one way or another, is it really up to us to decide this course of events? Are we really as superior to the rest of nature, as we are made to believe?

Make your choices consciously

Our day to day is nothing if not a compilation of choices. In each moment, we are faced with a choice. Will we take the action that in turn creates a desired outcome, or not? Assess your daily choices, and perhaps you will find some could be swapped out for more rewarding, sustainable ones.


Re-evaluate what is convenient

If you are reading this from the comfort of your personal phone- or laptop screen, have set foot in a car in the last 24 hours and mostly base your choices on immediate rewards and practicality, I think it's safe to say that (like me) you enjoy some creature comforts. At times, however, convenience can come to stand in the way of the long-term health of ourselves, our home, and all those that surround us. What are some comforts of convenience you could change up or go without, for the sake of health for all?


Stay closer to home

Most of the foods we consume and products we use have made a long journey into our hands. Consequently, we seem to have neglected the treasures found close to home. What food is grown in your area? What materials could be used to build and create that don't need to be shipped in from miles away? What medicine is growing in your backyard? If you are in a position to do so, finding the time to look into the gifts the earth offers right in front of you could be one of the easiest way to reduce emissions. Plus, as a nice bonus, your money will now bypass the corporate greed and instead be handed to your neighbour.


Reach out

Though we were created as equals, we sadly are not always treated as such. Some of us enjoy the safety and freedom that others are denied, and that is not to be taken lightly. With gifts as great as these comes great responsibility. So if you see the opportunity to reach out, carry the load for a while to rest some tired shoulders, I encourage you to do so. We might not all be fit for the banners and barricades, but there are many ways in which to speak up. Use your gifts in your own unique way.

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