AEON, /ˈiːən/, noun.

  1.  An indefinite and very long period of time.

How do human beings fit into the never-ending cycles of nature?

At a community farm tucked away in a small town in The Netherlands, people from all different walks of life seem to have found their answer.

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Trace the steps of those who have walked the path towards reconnection, and relive the moments of life that have brought them to today.

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Portraits of nature, printed on flower seed-filled paper. Made by hand, with love.

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This project is a collaboration between the Community Farm, Chloé Blansjaar, Maria André and myself.

Learn about nature-inclusive farming and holistic healing at the Community Farm here, see more of Chloé's artwork here, and have a look at 
Maria André's work here.

Follow along with Aeon Project here.